The RIHM (Rotterdam Intrinsic Handdynamo Meter) is a measuring device developed in assignment and collaboration with the department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The function of the RIHM is the isolated measuring of the strength of the intrinsic muscles of the hand for scientific research and clinical purposes.

The RIHM is developed on ergonomic principles by which the direction of pulling is easily to control. By this the RIHM has a high reliability. This way of measuring of the intrinsic hand muscles is a new philosophy of measuring of hand muscles on which Dr. T. Schreuder got his Ph.D in 2005.

Until half 2009, 30 RIHM’s have been produced. They are used world wide in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Nepal and The Netherlands. The results have been published in well known medical scientific magazines.

Intrinsic muscle strength measurement